I took my first pottery class in 1986, and from the moment my hands touched the clay, my life was transformed forever. Now, after more than 30 years of throwing, glazing and firing, I still get the same thrill I felt when I threw my first pot. Working with earth, water, and fire continues to be the most joyful and meaningful way I connect with the world around me. To this day, I find it endlessly satisfying to bond with people through the work I make with my hands—and my heart.

I have sold my pottery across the United States, in stores like the American Craft Museum gift shop, and at crafts fairs such as Crafts on Columbus and the American Crafts Festivals at Lincoln Center. After many years of working in studios in both Brooklyn and Manhattan (while pursuing another rewarding and creative endeavor—raising my two children), I moved to Chelsea, where I currently co-manage a busy and nurturing ceramics studio. My pieces are all handmade—by me—mostly on the wheel, with hand building occasionally added to the mix. I work with a number of different stoneware clay bodies; and my pieces are always food-safe, microwave-safe and dishwasher-safe.

My customers often tell me they feel great warmth and satisfaction when they use my work—some have even reported getting unusually attached to their favorite mug or bowl! It would be my honor and pleasure to make something that will be loved and cherished by you.

“Bari Moss’s pottery is sensual and colorful, playful and comforting…pieces that will invite you to use and enjoy them over and over again.”
—House Beautiful Magazine

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